Friday, January 21, 2011

Below are some samples of Product Photography that I had the privilege of learning last semester at Hennepin Technical College:

hmm.. I think I am going to try to do bars of soap.. with brown background.. light blue and cream soap bars.. Or, how about chocolate cake on white plate with light blue background?

Am I worthy?

Am I worthy to be called a photographer? This image I like because it is calm.. like right after a large storm..

This one, I call, Leap John Deeres.. One man and his 50+ John Deere tractors down in a ravine heading back home from participating in a small town 4th of July parade.

Boy pulling his imaginary friend. Just look at the fact that the small boy with a small (old fashioned sled) is surrounded by SNOW! One can't see the roads.. everything is WHITE.

How do I know that it is not competition worthy when I am content with some of my images? Especially since I am my worst critic.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter Fun 2010

"Poppa, that was fun!"

One of the first big snowfalls up in Mahnomen, MN.

Let the child have his own fun... pull the sled and just run, run, run!

Duluth shows her winter scenery

Well, it has been a thrill, now it's time to go home up the hill.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

National Treasures, the Eagle

They are just....MAJESTIC!

Chris and I visited the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, MN on July 11th. They had 3 Eagles at the center: 2 Bald Eagles and 1 Golden Eagle. We attended a demonstration/lecture about the eagles. I must say that I really didn't know...

This is Donald.. He is a Golden Eagle. You can't see it much in this picture, but if you look at the back of his neck there is a goldish color, hence, Golden Eagle..
We got to observe some feeding time... He LOVES mice. It was "cute" to watch him maintaining eye contact with the dish that had 4 dead mice in it.. Every time the instructor moved the container, Donald's eye did not waiver from that dish.. He wanted those mice!

Did you know...

Did you know that LEAD (even a size of a PIN HEAD) will kill a raptor or even a condor? Originally the Eagles were placed on the endangered species list stemmed from pesticides being used. Once those specific kinds of pesticides were banned, the numbers of Eagles grew so they were taken off the endangered species list. Now, we have another problem..LEAD:

  • These are found in pellets/shells from when you are deer hunting, etc..

  • These are also found in your fishing tackle box.
Even if you don't leave any lead around, by using something with lead in it, you catch a fish, it swallows it, you release the fish back into the water... Later an eagle captures that same fish you just released, it "eats" that fish. That lead eaten by the fish is now inside the eagle. This piece of lead is very toxic. It doesn't matter if the piece of lead is the size of a pin head or the size of a bullet, it is toxic.

I have a special request for you outdoor men/women... please look at your equipment..think of alternatives to use that would still give you the result you need but still protect our National Treasures.

NOTE: Click on the heading to go to the National Eagle Center website for more information.. Thank you.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Freedom Continues

Okay, freedom is not free.. It is a priviledge, it is an honor, lives have been sacrificed for all Americans to be free, to have freedom..

As spectacular the fireworks that light up the sky on every July 4th, it is a reminder how awesome it is to be free, how great America can be. Just like Irling Berlin's song: God Bless America!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Freedom is not free...

It took a lot of good men and women for us to have the opportunity to be free...

As we celebrate our independence, remember those that have fought for our freedom.

Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am hoping...

Children do grow older... When they become adults, a parent really hopes that they have done they best that they could to give their children the tools to survive out in the real world.

A child may be afraid of the unknown as they leave their safety zone, but a parent's fear is that they haven't done their job so their children succeed in life.

But when their children have their own, we, as parents, hope that they take what they have learned from us much further so that their children develop the skills to succeed..

Or at least I am hoping...